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In my reviews I try neither to persuade nor to dissuade others. I believe the art of reading is a very personal experience and that my opinion should not intrude upon others enjoyment. I merely state how I felt while reading and I will allow others to decide for themselves. This is why I will not present a play-by-play description. I will only offer a few basic details to help you decide if what I present is worth your time.
The Girl Who Played with Fire - Stieg Larsson Once again, Lizbeth does not disappoint.

Don’t read this novel (or novels) as an adventure/crime story. It isn’t written that way. It is a police/investigative report filled with unending, dry facts and details. This is how the author meant it to read.

As I said in the first book, just sit back and read the details. You may find you enjoy it better that way. I certainly have.


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