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In my reviews I try neither to persuade nor to dissuade others. I believe the art of reading is a very personal experience and that my opinion should not intrude upon others enjoyment. I merely state how I felt while reading and I will allow others to decide for themselves. This is why I will not present a play-by-play description. I will only offer a few basic details to help you decide if what I present is worth your time.
The Vampire Cookbook (The Vampire Zombie Werewolf Cookoff Cookbook) - J.O. Osbourne This review is for all three books in this series.

The Zombie and Vampire cookbooks presented some clever ideas for any grownup party. The Werewolf Cookbook contained more ideas suited for children's parties. (I had hoped for more heavy meat type dishes.) I seriously did think "heavy meat" while reading.

The Zombie book featured recipes with body parts and stressed a diseased, rotted look to the dishes. The Vampire book was heavy with soups and sauced-liquid meals but, the Werewolf cookbook seemed to favor 'dirt' and deserts more in line with kids. I expected racks of lamb and pigs awash in blood (congealed and fresh) sauces, beef dishes with 'bone in' for that "fresh from the victim look".

The lacking Werewolf Cookbook is the only reason this series didn't receive 4 stars from me. Fresh meat rended from limb is what this cookbook should have been about, not cupcakes with worm/dirt icing. ;)

I do intend to try a few of the recipes during next Halloween's party. The floating (ice) hands in the punch bowl is genius at is culinary best. And let's not forget olive eyeballs. Yum!


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