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In my reviews I try neither to persuade nor to dissuade others. I believe the art of reading is a very personal experience and that my opinion should not intrude upon others enjoyment. I merely state how I felt while reading and I will allow others to decide for themselves. This is why I will not present a play-by-play description. I will only offer a few basic details to help you decide if what I present is worth your time.
Rashōmon =Rashōmon And Other Stories - Ryūnosuke Akutagawa This is my first experence with any of Akutagawa's works and I am impressed. From these six stories alone he has become one of my favorite authors. I think you (like me) will discover that Ryunosuke Akutagawa is a brilliant writer and this collection of short stories is a necessary read.

Inside you will find six of his wonderful short stories:

In A Grove


Yam Gruel

The Martyr

Kesa And Morito

The Dragon

I won’t destroy your journey and give any of the stories ‘magic’ away but, they dance between moral dilemmas and self-realizations and, or, justifications.

You should add this collection to your library.


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