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In my reviews I try neither to persuade nor to dissuade others. I believe the art of reading is a very personal experience and that my opinion should not intrude upon others enjoyment. I merely state how I felt while reading and I will allow others to decide for themselves. This is why I will not present a play-by-play description. I will only offer a few basic details to help you decide if what I present is worth your time.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré I liked this novel. It, so far, is her best of the series in my opinion. My favorite chapter has to be, Eighteen: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. You can certainly tell how much better J.K.'s storyteling abilities are becoming with this third installment. She's weaving a very clever tale and I loved Harry's nightmares in chapter 15 the Quidditch Final. They were brilliant.

I'm now ready to begin one of the "epic" tomes (700+ pages). This will be a new experience for me since I only got about halfway through this book the first time I read it before having to set it aside. All the Potter books I will now be reading for the very first time. I am excited.

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