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In my reviews I try neither to persuade nor to dissuade others. I believe the art of reading is a very personal experience and that my opinion should not intrude upon others enjoyment. I merely state how I felt while reading and I will allow others to decide for themselves. This is why I will not present a play-by-play description. I will only offer a few basic details to help you decide if what I present is worth your time.
Little Women - Louisa May Alcott I haven’t read this novel since I was a child; after finishing it then, I developed a small boyhood crush for Jo. Reading it again just recently…yup, still crushing on Jo. Isn’t it nice to discover that you can go home again…in your favorite novels. And, yes, I nearly put the book in the freezer (like Joey from ‘Friends’) when I reached the ‘bad’ chapter.

This is the first of a four volume series: Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, and Jo's Boys, which chronicles the lives of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, the March sisters, as they experience life. These tales are loosely based on the author's life with her three sisters. If you have the time, beg, borrow or, yes, even steal this series (Just Kidding) and read it for yourselves. I recommend this book for all.


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